New Product Development

npd-product-1In today's fast-paced, fiercely competitive world of commercial new product development, it takes more than the accepted basics of high quality, low cost and speed to excel in the fast changing marketplace. With our belief of "until the end consumers buy the products, no one in the supply chain has actually sold", this calls for a different approach for managing new product development.

Critical Chain Scheduling & Buffer Management

Winnington adopted "Critical Chain Scheduling and Buffer Management" to manage new product development in multi-project environment. The theoretical foundation comes from Theory of Constraints (TOC) and its Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is a proven "whole system" approach to project management that doesn't rely on managing a project based on a series of supposedly "safe" task estimates.

A project schedule can now be designed to protect the project due date by taking "safety" that was spread among the tasks and concentrating it where it does the most good - as buffers at the end of the critical path and where others paths feed that critical path.

Task behaviors are also impacted favorably; with safety reduced, then now shortened expected durations drive a sense of urgency and help to drive out resource distractions and the urge to multi-task. Most importantly, the resulting schedule is now largely immunized from variation and uncertainty not by a futile effort to predict it at an unrealistic level of detail, but by protecting the project's promise against its inevitability.

Implementations of "Critical Chain Scheduling and Buffer Management" not only enables Winnington to shorten product development lead time than traditional schedules, but also with considerably more reliability of the promised final project due date with less chaos and rescheduling.

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Successful Commercialization of New Product Development

Value Innovation is the cornerstone of our new product development initiatives and strategy. Collaborating with our trade partners, we strive for creating a leap in value for consumers and opening up new market space. In our new business approach, we offer innovation which aligns with utility and cost positions. The objective is to satisfy consumers' needs by offering better solution to problem. Our trade partners can capitalize on this approach by commercializing the innovations into viable businesses.

This strategy is executed by our marketing and business team with superior understanding of customer needs, and our product and manufacturing engineers with rich engineering and production expertise and experience.

Let's enjoy and experience this exciting journey together!