In every manufacturing business, many different elements have to work together in-sync in order to generate the high levels of performance needed to prosper in these competitive times.

Winnington started to implement the TOC (Theory of Constraints) production solution since 2006 in scheduling and shop floor flow management. The Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) technique provides the principles and methods which allows whole-factory synchronization. As we believe that the primary goal of operations is improving the flow (or equivalently lead time), synchronizing all elements of production and having the buffer management as the ONLY priority system in the shop floor drives us towards this common goal.


Highly Reliable & Efficient Production System

This methodology brings improvement in terms of shorter lead time, much higher due-date performance and service level, faster flow, lower work-in-progress and finished goods inventory and is extremely robust. Moreover, substantial hidden capacity is unleashed after the implementation.

Building on such reliable production system, Winnington is able to supply under the following models:

.Make-To-Order with options and flexibility of fast lead-time and small batch production and minimum order quantities
    as per customers' requirements.

.Make-To-Availability which our supply is guided by the actual daily consumption of customers. This enables our
    customers to have very high availability with relatively low inventories compared with their current levels. 


        Figure: The effect of TOC implementation on our due-date performance


Reference: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants @ Eliyahu M. Goldratt, 2008


Our Scope of Manufacturing Capabilities

Winnington is specialized in manufacturing stainless steel housewares products since 1975. Our production lines use high-quality machinery for precision engineering.

The manufacturing process of each product is specially designed by our production engineers to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The combination of automation and manual expertise gives much flexibility in the product forms and surface finishing that we can accomplish. With the in-house tooling workshop and a group of not compromising engineers whom is aspired by making products which we could not make yesterday, we want to discover new points of differentiation with our customers in their product strategies.


1) Forming

Our state-of-the-art hydraulic deep drawing machines, extensive welding equipments and techniques (laser welding, argon-welding, roll-welding, spot welding) and lost-wax stainless steel casting enable us to form variety of shapes, from vase with diagonally scored creating warped inverted surfaces to elephant-shaped money bank. From a cube-shaped salt & pepper to a double-walled party bucket in 50cm diameter. Our team is excited to take the challenges of the innovative ideas in your mind.



2) Surface Finishing

Winnington has long tradition of high-quality stainless steel polishing by both manual operations and semi-automatic machinery, manifests the most beautiful aspect of this metal. To serve different functional and aesthetic requirements, we also have finishing options like water-based PTFE non-stick coating (PFOA-free) by different brands, ceramic coating, PVD coating, powder coating, patent-pending oxidizing treatment, electrolytic polishing, sand blasting, etc. Our non-stick coating line is well equipped with arc-spray facilities which allow us to supply cookware with the toughest, longest lasting and the most durable non-stick coating in the world.



3) Other Facilities & Expertise

Our plastic injection facilities give us the capabilities of producing wide range of plastic houseware items.

We are particularly strong in producing plastic items like bakelite handles for cookware, coffee makers and teapots. This presents more choices and varieties in handle fittings for different aesthetic and ergonomic considerations. Other facilities include impact bonding machines of up to 2500 tons, vacuum machine, laser and electro-etching machines, etc to cater production needs of houseware products of various categories.



Quality Assurance & Compliance

All processes in Winnington are certified by SGS and comply with ISO9001 since 2001. Through state-of-art production, comprehensive and systematic checks in every phases of the production process (material, precision, function and physical appearance), precise instruments and the experienced quality management team, we ensure that all the products which leave the factories satisfy the strictest requirements of the industry.

We are a lawful, ethical, quality and safety-minded business classified as the Class AA Enterprises (China Customs highest credit rating) by the State General Administration of Customs.


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Our products comply with industrial standards including GSV, CMA, EN, NSF, LFGB, DIN, JIS as required in the respective market.

Our factory  is officially certified by BSCI - a well recognized certificaiton for ethical standard and quality system. Also, we have passed the Global Security Verification (GSV) audit for supply chain security (Same as C-TPAT) and the factory audits of quality procedure and ethical code of major international retailers. Reference is available upon inquiry.


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