As combining different elements of materials, aesthetic and functional designs is the key of driving innovation, Winnington partners with key suppliers of major domains which enables us to offer more product varieties and flexibility in supply.

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Total Cost of Ownership

When locating the right suppliers in the sourcing process, we believe price is NOT the total cost. If it costs the whole supply chain money in any way, shape, or form, the costs in terms of lead time, minimum order quantity, expediting, compliance, warranty, purchasing handling, etc are all in the total cost of ownership.

Our sourcing team is running the process with the following guiding principles to ensure high degree of consistency and maximize opportunities by collaboration with the network of suppliers that have the same value propositions:

The Working Principles of Our Sourcing Process

.Early Supplier Involvement and Open Communication
.Effective Total Cost of Ownership Management
.Work Coherently in Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and Winnington Inventory Turns (WIT)
    Replenishment Program
.Supplier Continuous Improvement "Keep things moving and improving, no matter how much, each week"