Multi Cooker


Multi Cooker (MS-MC Series)

Made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel, hard and durable

-  Aluminum encapsulated bottom for even heat distribution and good food release

-  Set of stockpot, pasta and steamer inserts, free combination of parts to meet specific needs of different dishes

-  All-in-one design is versatile and space saving

-  Various sizes for different cooking purposes

Item No.CapacityNo. of piece per setComponentsDiameter (cm)Height (cm)Specification
MC-4 4 QT
3 Steamer insert 20.4 11.6

Body: S/S 304

Base: Aluminum encapsulated bottom

Lid: S/S or Glass

Handle: Optional


MC-6 6 QT
4 Steamer & Pasta insert 21.5 14.1
MC-8 8 QT
4 24.1 16.6
MC-12 12 QT 4 25.5 24.9


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